Saturday, 13 August 2011

Defend Libya: Bring a Green flag to October 8th Mass Rally

(From Bring a Green flag to October 8th Mass Rally Facebook page)

On 8th October Stop the War Coalition are hosting a mass rally in Trafalgar square, against the imperialist wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya.

Stop the War's role in the Libyan conflict has been diabolic to say the least. They have ignored, underestimated and even supported (indirectly) the war on Libya.

Bring a green flag to the demo and make sure they cant forget Libya!

To be against the war on Libya, we must show our solidarity with the people of Libya, and their government, lead by Colonel Gaddafi, if we want to be an effective anti war movement.

Do not worry about bringing your own flag, although that would be cool, I will try to get a lot and bring them with me. Also a meeting point at the demo will be discussed closer to time, where we will distribute flags and posters!

For more info on the rally:

Long Live Libya! Independent and Free!

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We are with you!