Monday, 26 September 2011

Never mind the bankers, blame the gypsies.

I live within half a mile of a traveller site. I live within 3/4 of a mile of four of the most deprived and notorious housing estates in Scotland, indeed western Europe. I have never heard of or witnessed any trouble with the travellers. The same cant be said for some of the "settled" occupants of the housing estates, rife with poverty, unemployment and the associated malaise of drug abuse, anti-social crime and violence.

Of course, even there it is just a minority. One in a hundred adds up to a problem when it is from schemes of several thousand. One in a hundred aint too many on a traveller site of a few dozen families.

All find themselves scape-goated to one degree or another. But the residents of a travellers site or of a dumping ground housing estate aren't the reason the global economy is down the toilet. They aren't the reason food prices are rising, they arent the reason jobs are being lost and they arent the reason your electricity bill has jumped another 20%.

So why are the tabloids today full of the same type of horror stories about travellers, muslims, disabled "scroungers" and "greedy" immigrants that were common during the last global economic collapse in the 1930s? Why are governments across Europe using that media frenzy to push populist headline grabbing polices about clearing out travellers and banning veils, whilst our economies go down the toilet and those responsible make off with billions of our money?

And what is it about Europeans that makes us so happy to swallow it all again?

Incidentally, the cost of Cameron's ongoing vanity war in Libya, £1.75 Billion.

The cost to the UK taxpayer bail out the British banks that fraudulently gambled the western economy into collapse, £1.162 Trillion.

The cost to bail out the flailing Euro, £1.75 Trillion

But never mind that, look, there's some dirty, thieving gypos over there...

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