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his story is just coming down the pike and we are trying to get as much information as we can, but the blog SCISSON is reporting that boneheads, reportedly Hammerskins, crashed a gay bar and was beaten back by a lesbian woman from Zimbabwe named Ryan Towne (pictured) We will have more on this shortly.


I know you don't know her, but I thought I would pass this along.

A friend of mine, Ryan Towne, who is a very hard core Marxist Leninist and a lesbian suffered severe injuries last night when hammerskin skinheads crashed a gay bar she frequents in the Bay Area. She lives in Oakland but I don't yet know exactly where this occured. She works out constantly, does survival training and is damn tough and she took out several of the attackers herself.
Ryan had surgery this morning to repair her broken left orbital bone.
She also suffered a broken right hand, broken left ankle, three broken ribs and a collapsed left lung.
I have been unable to find out anything beyond what I will print below from her and her sister who flew in from London to be with her.
She is 22 and a white woman from Zimbabwe. Her mom who was a woman's activist and a Marxist of the Rosa Luxemburg school (more like me) was jailed often by the white regime and was no friend of the current one either. She disappeared after leaving her office and has never been heard from again. The family presumes she was killed by Mugabe thugs.
Ryan lives in Oakland, works framing houses, and goes to school.
While Ryan and I have some strong ideological differences (me being the autonomist Marxist and her being, as I said hard core Marxist Leninist) we have agreed to disagree and get along well. I know she is my sister and comrade and I know what side she is on. She is passionate and dedicated to her beliefs.

Anyway here is the report I have from late last night. This if from Ryan who, being Ryan, did not go to the hospital until she collapsed at a friend's place. The second is from her sister as was the above information on her injuries.
From Ryan:
Let's make a long story short. Some local Hammerskins crashed a gay bar I frequent. One was a big fuck, 6'7' at least. I made short work of the women and two of the men when the big guy hit me hard with a overhand right in the eye (loaded hand at least a roll of quarters), I didn't drop, but it opened me up to plenty of body blows.
"In the end I am pretty sure at least three knuckles on my right hand are broken . I think I have at least two cracked if not broken ribs. Fuck it. Let them know REDS are not easy to be pushed around and will stand up for our gay community.

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