Wednesday, 8 February 2012

EDL thugs support UK govt. colonialism - Press TV

Sat Feb 4, 2012 7:29PM GMT

The members of the racist group English Defence League have put the colonial policy of UK government in practice, as they burned the Argentinean flag during their fascist march in Leicester.

About 500 EDL thugs descended to the streets in Leicester to provoke racism and division among the community, despite rising calls on the City Council to ban the racist protest.

As the British government has been seeking to militarize the dispute over the “occupied” Malvinas (Falklands) Islands, the far right EDL group, believed to be formed by the government, supported the country's controversial policies and burned the flag of Argentina.

Just before the demonstration EDL member Craig Leicester claimed they planned to march because England was “struggling to sustain its culture,” and that the EDL protests would raise awareness over the cost of UK culture.

Anti-racist group Leicester Unite Against Fascism (LUAF) also planned a counter protest entitled as “Love Leicester, Hate Racism” on different route to express their opposition at the racists and fascists supporters of EDL.

According to unconfirmed sources, minor clashes took place between EDL thugs and UAF protesters, after the racist protesters diverted away from their planned route. Police handled the situation using their batons.

The sources also reported that the police kettled the UAF protesters who were staging a peaceful demonstration on a separate route through the city center.

Twitter posts also revealed that many of the EDL thugs had consumed a lot of alcohol and that there were many young children among them.

Some 2,200 police officers were presented in the city center and monitored the two marches in order to avoid the violence degenerated by the EDL supporters in October 2010, when they turned a peaceful anti-racist protest into violence by attacking people and police, they even launched an attack on a restaurant full of women and children.


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