Thursday, 4 October 2012

Fidel Castro says China is socialist - and he should know.

Hu Jintao Fidel Castro - Chinese president makes landmark visit to Cuba
Fidel Castro and Hu Jintao, Cuba, 2008.

"If you want to talk about socialism, let us not forget what socialism achieved in China. At one time it was the land of hunger, poverty, disasters. Today there is none of that. Today China can feed, dress, educate, and care for the health of 1.2 billion people.

I think China is a socialist country, and Vietnam is a socialist nation as well. And they insist that they have introduced all the neces

sary reforms in order to motivate national development and to continue seeking the objectives of socialism.

There are no fully pure regimes or systems. In Cuba, for instance, we have many forms of private property. We have hundreds of thousands of farm owners. In some cases they own up to 110 acres. In Europe they would be considered large landholders. Practically all Cubans own their own home and, what is more, we welcome foreign investment.

But that does not mean that Cuba has stopped being socialist."

-Fidel Castro

... but apparently the teeming hundreds of the western "revolutionary" left seem to believe they know better about what socialism in a third world country should look like than Fidel does.
So whose opinion would you trust on this one?  - Not A Dinner Party

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