Friday, 28 June 2013

The ruling-class lost the argument over Syria. So did the Left.

The ruling-class has profoundly lost the argument over Syria. There is no public support for intervention on any scale. No support for the jihadi "rebels", and increasing sympathy for the Syrian government.

This could have represented a resounding victory for the Left and the anti-war movement. If it wasnt for the inconvenient matter of the Left and the anti-war movement by and large holding the same position as the ruling-class and backing the same forces.

Instead, the argument against intervention and support for the "rebels" was made, and won, by the isolationist and anti-Islamic far-right.

It say a lot about the state of the Left and it's influence on society when it can no longer even influence people into supporting a case that has already been laid out for them by the BBC 6 0'Clock News.

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