Monday, 17 February 2014

Video: The Arab Sting And It's Consequences For The Global South

Video recording of Sukant Chandan (of Sons of Malcolm blog) and Dan Glazebrook (of The Rebel Griot blog) giving a presentation on The Arab Sting And It's Consequences For The Global South.

Was originally streamed live on 16th Feb. Skip to 11min 30secs for the start of the presentation and avoid all the pre-match chair shuffling and sandwich sharing...


Dr Abdal Aziz - Aljud Charity 

George Shire - Zimbabwean Liberation War veteran, scholar and political activist

Ammar Waqqaf - Syrian Social Club 

Dan Glazebrook - Author of 'Divide and Ruin, The West's Imperial Strategy in an Age of Crisis

Chaired by Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm 

On the third anniversary of the pro-nato uprising in Libya, the Libyan Aljud Charity and Sons of Malcolm presents an important conversation exploring the consequences of the 'Arab Spring' on the middle east' and North Africa, and more widely what this has resulted for the the vast majority of Humanity in the GlobalSouth.

This event brings together speakers and attendees who are critical and radical voices loyal to the independence and Black and Brown liberation struggles of the GlobalSouth against white supremacy and imperialism.

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