Thursday, 20 March 2014

Russian "imperialism" and the crisis in Ukraine. What is the answer? FUCK NATO.

A lot of liberal bleating that Russia's role regarding Ukraine and Crimea is "imperialist", so they can have an excuse to sit on the fence safely behind their own ruling class, which always seems to be the place you will find them.

Now, even if Russia was acting as an imperialist power, which it isnt (try actually reading some Lenin instead of just taking the word of Socialist Worker or whatever liberal rag you allow to think for you), even if it was, it would not make one jot of a difference to the position of any anti-imperialist in the west.

Because quite simply, the main, in fact the only real enemy is at home. The defeat of western imperialism is our only concern in any conflict.

It is 100 years since World War One started, and still the liberal left is making exactly the same pathetic arguments for its own cowardice and collaboration in the face of the crisis-stricken and bankrupt imperialist ruling-class's inevitable push for war.

And so equally inevitably, the 'third-camp' pitches its tent under the safe and comfortable cover of the imperialist tree.

"A revolutionary class cannot but wish for the defeat of its government in a reactionary war.
Socialists must explain to the masses that they have no other road of salvation except the revolutionary overthrow of “their” governments, and that advantage must be taken of these governments’ embarrassments in the present war precisely for this purpose. "

Lenin, Socialism and War (1915)
Fuck NATO!

Monday, 3 March 2014

30 Years Since The Miners Strike - A personal reflection.

30 years since probably the greatest act of class war resistance on this island in its history, the Great Miners Strike of 1984-85.

Believe it or not, before the strike, as an 11 year old kid, if asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have said "policeman" or soldier". The strike ended not long after I turned 13 and after I had seen first-hand the pit village I spent so many happy years of my childhood put under siege by tooled up riot police and turned into a battlefield, all I wanted to be was a revolutionary.

In the following years, the mine was closed. The pit-village no longer exists, the sacked miners and their families vindictively socially cleansed, their community extinguished forever, their homes razed to the ground and replaced with expensive, soulless, new-build houses for the Thatcher generation middle-classes.

30 years on, my anger still burns just as fiercely. I still look back and think "what if we had won? Where would we be?". A better place for sure. It wasnt just the miners that were beaten into defeat, it wasnt just "The Unions". It was all of us. And no other leader has stood for us as unflinchingly, as resolutely as Arthur Scargill.

The scum and the scabs of right and of left may throw as much dirt at him as they like, try and belittle him, his legacy, his politics, but whatever they say, he is worth a million of any of them. Their hands are dripping in the blood of generations of our class, worldwide.

Arthur Scargill never flinched in taking them on, and we owe him and the hundreds of thousands of miners and their families who fought and sacrificed not just for their jobs and communities, but for all of us, our undying gratitude and respect.

Learn their lessons and next time we will win. We must.
Arthur Scargill, Arthur Scargill, We'll Support You Ever More".