Sunday, 25 May 2014


Looks like UKIP got their first MEP in Scotland. The Unionists, from the Guardian to the tories, are crowing and cheering this as a great defeat for the SNP. The same SNP that came first (again) in this election and maintained it's vote from 2009.

Because let's be frank, given the choice between Scottish independence and fascism, even the pinkest of English liberals will not be able to stifle a smug cheer for fascism.

Well, anyway, fucking shame on anyone in Scotland who voted UKIP, you are a fucking disgrace to our nation. 10% for a far-right, anti-immigrant, islamophobic and blatantly ANTI-SCOTTISH party is disgusting, nay, more, it is humiliating. You have now elected as your representative in Europe someone whose party holds Scotland and our democracy in utter contempt, who wants to blame not just our minorities, but every single one of us as a nation, for the economic shambles the neo-liberal politics that UKIP champions has created.

But you know what, I blame Green voters the most. What the fuck were you thinking? This result in on your heads. You were told again and again, the last seat was a straight up fight between the SNP and UKIP. The Greens were not in this game, but by throwing away your vote on them, you took enough votes from the SNP to allow a right-wing scumbag to win. Rather than vote for the SNP, which shares at least some positions with the Greens (not least on independence and investment in renewable energy) and works well with them in parliament, you instead got elected someone who represents the anti-thesis of everything you believe in. You fucking mugs.

Sad day for Scotland. Couldnt give a fuck about how England voted anymore. You are all fucking useless cunts.

Scotland's Ukip MEP: I'll take on Salmond over immigration

THE man who has become Ukip's first elected politician in Scotland has vowed to campaign against Alex Salmond's plans for greater immigration under independence.