Friday, 19 December 2014

UK planning Bahrain base with eyes on Iran

James Stuart for Press TV UK Desk
Speculations are rising among observers that Britain

Britain's announcement that it is planning to build a £15 million navel base in the protest racked monarchy of Bahrain came as a surprise to many observers, not least as it would seem to be in contradiction to both the UK's cuts in naval spending, and their professed support for human-rights and democracy in the region.

Bahrain has been at the centre of continuing protests since 2011, but unlike many of the region's nations where uprisings against governments that were perceived as challenging the west's interests have received much media attention and covert backing from the west, Bahrain's democracy movement has all but been ignored despite having endured severe repression, including scores of deaths, allegations of torture and arbitrary detention by Bahraini security forces.

So the announcement of British Royal Navy plans to build a permanent military presence there has been met with dismay by opponents of the Bahrain regime and is considered as providing a major bolster to the Bahrain monarchy and as being a strong endorsement from Britain that they will continue to give support for whatever measures the regime takes to suppress the democracy movement. This would perhaps explain why the Bahrain regime is reportedly footing £13 million of the £15 million bill for it's construction.

From it's side, the UK government insists that it needs a permanent presence for it's navel forces in the Gulf region to combat piracy. However, the Royal Navy currently has mine-sweeping vessels based in Bahrain which are primarily aimed at countering Iran's navel defences on the other side of the Persian Gulf. It is expected the new base will be able to host destroyers and the currently under-construction Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers. Many observers see this as a direct attempt to contain and challenge Iran and to provide a stable base for British backed insurgency operations in the region, most particularly in Iraq, Syria and, potentially, in Iran itself.

Bahraini opposition activist Nabeel Rajab reacted to the news by stating that the UK was “the only country that openly supported the dictatorship in Bahrain and clearly oppos[es] our struggle for democracy and human rights,”. Nabeel continued, “Taking into consideration the silence of the UK, Bahrain paying that [is] an award to them and for that reason Bahraini people are upset as the information [is] coming out.”

The UK gave up maintaining a major naval prescence in the Persian Gulf when it and France were forced into humiliating retreat over their Suez invasion, when they were militarily defeated by Egyptian forces under the leadership of President Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1953. Since then the British have relied upon a much reduced naval presence in the Gulf, largely allowing the US to take the dominant role. However, this news that the UK will be joining the US's Fifth Fleet in having a permanent base in Bahrain would tend to confirm that the British do not consider themselves out of the game as a global naval power, and still intend to make their stamp on the region. The British invented the concept of “Gunboat diplomacy” at the height of their imperial rule in the 19
th century, and it would seem they are keen to keep the tradition alive in a region where many see them as having played a destructive and divisive role for centuries.

For the British, securing their interests in the oil-rich region is of paramount importance in a time of economic crisis. The fall of the Morsi government in Egypt, and the failure by British and US backed terrorists to overthrow Assad in Syria combined with the continued stability of an increasingly assertive Iran, has left the west's “Arab Spring” project looking badly stalled.
Hostages paraded on TV in 2004

As Russian and Chinese influence and money continues to provide a strong alternative for trade and relations, the western powers are feeling the need to ratchet up their direct presence in the region once again. With the US “pivot to Asia” taking military resources from Iraq and Afghanistan to be redeployed in an attempted “containment” of China, the UK military will be expected to fill some of the gap. The British have never forgotten their humiliation in the Gulf at the hands of Egypt in 1953, nor more recently, when in 2004, and again in 2007, Iranian Revolutionary Guards detained British special forces Royal Marines and Royal Navy sailors after they entered Iranian waters.

The British will be hoping that a major permanent naval presence in the Gulf will mean they can once again hold the whip hand in the region.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

England: Porn, Protest, Paedophilia, Power and Privilege.

The English will protest outside Parliament about the banning of porn showing fisting and golden showers, but not a raise a peep when it comes to the people ruling them from that Parliament abusing, raping, and in some cases, murdering, vulnerable, desperate and forgotten children.
They will seethe with rage at the tabloid stories of non-white men sexually exploiting white teenage girls (whilst booking their lads away trip to the brothels of Thailand), but elicit barely a tut at news of cabals of child abusers within the highest echelons of government.
Perversion and violence from politicians and policemen is hidden behind smoke screen misdirection of salacious tales of child abusing has-been pop-stars and tv personalities, the connections of privilege, property, power and perversion being swept under the carpet as the big by-gone names are sacrificed to protect those with big, and real, power.
Evidence, long known, but until now suppressed, of our lost children being imprisoned in brothels for the powerful, under the perverse euphemism of "care" leads to no more than the shaking of heads and the turning of the page, so we can gawp at tweenie celebs papped in bikinis and titter at advertising masquerading as news.
In a civilised society, revelations of Prime Minister after Prime Minister presiding over cabals of rapist paedophiles and the murderers of children within their governments should trigger a wave of anger and horror that would shake politics and the seats of power to their foundations. The politicians and the policemen that are, often literally, in bed with each other to hide and protect their depravity, should be being hounded and vilified and dragged out into the public.
But we are not a civilised society. We are a society run by barbarians in suits. Savages with good PR, who have presided over and nurtured a culture that fetishises the sexual objectification of girls and young women, that celebrates the hedonistic worship and pursuit of impossibly youthful flesh. Which elevates abuse and greed as principles of leadership and common sense, and preaches hypocritical empty "morality" whilst deriding the combination of education and empathy from which genuine morality grows. Where "respect" means fear, and compassion is written off as gullibility and weakness.
But in a society where politicians will happily see brown skinned children starved and blown to pieces in the pursuit of corporate profit, why would anyone be surprised that they view the children of the poor at home as being little more than disposable toys?
And in an environment where "lad" culture promotes intimidation, sexual assault and rape as no more than a short cut "pick-up" technique, and little girls are taught by MTV that sex is all you have to give to the world, that your body and your face is all that is of value about you, a society where 1 in 5 women and girls are raped or sexually abused in their lifetime, 90% of them by someone they know, should we be surprised that, actually, no one really gives a shit? Not enough to actually do anything about it anyway.
But lets have a demo to protect the right to watch face-sitting in pornography. We don't want anyone to think we are a nation of prudes now, do we?

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